The Big Red



The Big Red is a bar. It’s a heavy metal bar. I haven’t actually been in a little while, but I felt I’d left this blog unloved and unLondoned up for way too long – so I’m digging into the archives of my London exploration to find some gems that deserve a hallowed place as the topic for one of my posts…

Most of the clientele are long haired, tattooed and possibly slightly scary looking rockers. But they’re generally lovely. They’ll often have live bands (one of which an acquaintance of mine was playing, hence our trek all the way up to Holloway Road) who rock everyone’s socks off. Seriously. Socks just gone.

When they don’t have a band, the playlist is interesting and varied. Educational, one might say.

The inside is pretty interesting, with lots of quite random decor – signs, images, lights, models (plastic. Not actual models. Sorry to get your hopes up.) The bar is in the middle of the room, and the drinks are regularly priced (for London.) There are pool tables, but you may have to beat off several metalheads with a cue stick. Or ask nicely. I dunno.

Toilets are not pleasant. But they rarely are in bars, and I was there late at night…so they could be better in the day time. I do not know. 

Also I did have the rather unusual experience of having to barge into the men’s loo since the queue for the ladies was way too long. The poor blokes all looked pretty astonished to have any smidge of oestrogen in their presence, but gotta say, they took it in their stride. 

Be nice to the bouncer, as always. Be nice to the people there and they will be nice to you. I do hear the food is good during the day as well so…Have a go, why dontcha? If rock isn’t your thing, this probably won’t be…but it’s worth going just to nosey at the inside and maybe see if your mind could be changed…unless you’re a rock god it’s unlikely you’ll have heard everything they have to play you.

It’s a looong way for me to get there unfortunately…but I still plan to go again fo’ sho’. 


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