Daily Slog

My apologies for my lack of attention to my blog this last few days. I suppose I’ve been so tired I just haven’t really had the energy to form coherent sentences. I feel most of what you would have read would have look liked: ‘flaaaaaaaaaargh…’ It’s certainly what most of my thoughts were…erm…thinking.

I’ve been working at this new job, with a 2 day orientation and 2 more trial shifts…It’s difficult and draining, especially on top of university work. I don’t think it’ll always be like this but when you’re trying to establish yourself in a new environment, especially when it’s something you find particularly challenging…it takes a lot more out of you.

However, on Saturday, I have my sights set on a fantastic cocktail bar in Chinatown, central London…and I will hopefully finally make it to that MYSTERY MUSEUM.

Tomorrow evening, I have my final trial shift. Wish me luck ladies and gents. As Saturday night will either be a celebration or the drowning of sorrows…so fingers crossed.

Hope all of you have had less stressful weeks than I! 

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