I’m so tired.


That does it better than words. I had my exam as I was moaning about earlier this week, I wrote an essay last night comparing bushbabies to ring tailed lemurs (they are practically the same thing, apart from the cool Cruella De Ville style tails the lemurs are rocking) and now I’m stuck doing a statistical analysis on quite possibly the most boring behaviour on the planet.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my course. But there are bound to be parts I don’t like when it’s still so general. I can’t lie, I’m not all that interested in worms. Or protozoa. Definitely not protozoa. Kudos to you if you love ’em, but they ain’t for me.

Any way this wasn’t meant to be a page long whinge at you lovely folk. Just letting you know this weekend I have lots of fun stuff planned. A museum tomorrow – a mystery museum, I’m keeping it a surpriiiise. I know you’re all on tenterhooks, right? Awesome.

And Saturday night me and my other half will be heading to a fancy schmancy wine bar. I’ll have to get my gladrags on and everything. But this is apparently the oldest wine bar in London, and therefore one of the oldest in the world. I can’t wait to step into some real life history and all that.

Just thought I’d let you know you’ll actually get some posts about London soon. Oh, and I got the job. Despite being tired, ill and late – they hired me. So now I’ll hopefully have some pennies with which to explore the capital with. Yay!

Hope you’re all good and not feeling as brain muddled as I am. Honestly, it feels like I have scrambled egg between my ears.

Peace out 🙂 

7 thoughts on “zzzzZZZZZZZ”

  1. Congrats on the job! Unfortunately, muddled and exhausted is exactly where I’m at, but it’s typical of being over the halfway point of a Minnesota winter. We’re all pale, recovering from one illness or another and struck with cabin fever!

    1. Thank you very much, and I’m sorry for the lack of reply…
      I hope you’re feeling a bit less muddled and tired and that maybe Minnesota’s been kind enough to grant you some reprieve from the nasty winter weather…

    1. Thank you very much, excuse the lack of reply. I’m now functioning mainly on caffeine but I’m hoping that I’ll make my voice even more ENTHUSIASTIC, since I’m working in a call centre. Either that or I’ll sound like a hyperactive 6 year old…but we shall see I guess…

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