Job Hunt

Today I had an interview for a temping agency, which is apparently one of the best things you can do as a student due to the flexible hours and the fact that we all need money. Seriously. 

Now more than ever as my glasses are broken and I now resemble the young Harry Potter. A situation I do not intend to allow for too long, because much as I love Harry Potter…sellotape all over your peripheral vision is most irritating. 

So a job I must have. 

Any way I have another interview for a call centre through said agency on Thursday, and I’m so nervous! I have to confess, I don’t actually like speaking on the phone. Until I know someone well, this disembodied voice floating down the line kinda unnerves me. Is that weird? I dunno. But I didn’t do drama at school for nothing. I shall put on my best acting shoes and my brightest polished voice and wow them with my fabulousness. 

I’m sure I can learn. Right?

Best part is if I do earn some moolah, some dough, some dosh, I can explore the capital more. There’s a thousand more things I want to see but unfortunately some of them do involve a bit of an injection of cash.

In the mean time, I shall be museum hopping on Wednesday afternoon…to a few gems I only just read about. So keep your eyes peeled, you lovely folks, be it through…well, just your eyes, contacts, or broken glasses 😀


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