Cocktails, Security Guards and Dame Edna Glasses

Last night I went out with some pals for drinks and merriment, it being a Saturday and…well, you don’t really need any more excuse than that to be honest. 

We started in Wandsworth, at Grand Union bar – a chain, so no independent secret. Not particularly cheap either to be honest, but the decor was vintage with lots of squashy sofas – and a really nice covered outside area. It was all swooping satin-y ceiling with glowing globes hanging from it and stylish heaters – you know the type, ones that look like real fire in those silver cage things.

Staff were nice, security very polite and up for a joke (they had to be, after my rather plastered friend flung herself at one of them and demanded a photo to be taken whilst wearing Dame Edna glasses.) The barmen full of advice and very kindly allowing the whole minimum payment on a card to pass. (As a side note, that really ticks me off. I mean, I get that it’s a pain if the it’s for a particularly small amount, but for a drink that costs a fiver surely they can absorb the bank charge of – wait for it – AROUND 30P)

Despite not being cheap or some little known secret, it’s worth popping in even if just for one drink to check out the covered beer garden and the squashy, snuggly areas. 

After these shenanigans we all traipsed back to my friends’ flat, but a couple of us got bored quite quickly so we headed back out on the town to Putney…at first we tried Be@one, but it was way too crowded to get within an arms length of the bar unless you crawled between people’s legs or crowd surfed, so we left and were going to try out Fez club when one of those guys with fliers caught us and told us about a newly opened cocktail bar…namely House of Roxy:



Opposite Fez club, this neat little bar was much quieter and smaller – but still plenty of room to boogie and shake your thaaang to the awesome DJ and the even more awesome live saxophone player, who was harmonising and jamming to every song the DJ put on (my favourite being a remix of Rolling in the Deep…) The saxophone was lit up at the end too, providing even more entertainment for our drunken selves, and many of the punters were stealing his hat and demanding photos with him… 


(Images from the House of Roxy facebook page)

Bar staff were pretty nice, seemed to take their job with pride – none of that half arsed cocktail shaking here, thanks very much. Their whole bodies went into the action – which frankly always gives me a giggle.
There weren’t many seats but most people were dancing any way so it didn’t matter too much. Not a place to go and sit and chat though, this is a place to partay. Despite being a tiny bit cramped with all the flailing drunken limbs – one of which knocked my drink out of my hand (and then the guilty party glared at me, like it was my fault. I, however, had been stationary whilst she was doing something that can only be described as a Kermit the frog kind of impression. Not amused.) It is definitely worth heading to. No charge to get in either, which can be a nasty surprise at the weekend unfortunately. Clubs charge 10 quid easily just to get in, the fancier ones can go up to 20 odd pounds. Best thing? The cocktails were mainly cheaper than Grand Union too, which made a change…if only we’d arrived much earlier though, in time for their Happy Hour…

Ah well. Next time 😀



2 thoughts on “Cocktails, Security Guards and Dame Edna Glasses”

  1. and many of the punters were stealing his hat and demanding photos with him…

    Linguistic question- what does “punter” mean in this context? I’ve heard it said by Brits and people living in the UK, but I’ve never been able to get a sense of the meaning.

    one of which knocked my drink out of my hand (and then the guilty party glared at me, like it was my fault.

    Bad form, Peter! When someone knocks your drink out of your hand, the least they can do is offer to replace it. Especially if they’re as good-hearted a Muppet as Kermit!

    1. Punter is apparently a variety of things, but in this context it’s slang for customer/consumer – that kind of thing. Other meanings are someone who gambles, that kind of thing – or more literally someone who travels in a punt, a kind of boat.
      And I know! Thought it was a bit rude, but I guess she was probably just drunk!

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