Fun facts about a fun person

Having not been out for a bit, being halted by sickness, lack of money and studies, I felt I would do a little post on what I do when I’m not meandering around London…let you into the inner studentlondon sanctum of studentness. 

I know. You’re probably all thrilled. 

So…well, apart from being a typical student – y’know, lazing, sleeping 20 hours a day, occasionally studying and drinking more than strictly necessary, I…play guitar. I’ve just started learning the ukulele, my other half bought me on for Christmas last year – unfortunately I’m one of those people that takes forever and a day to get round to doing anything. But I finally have!



She’s called Smurf. The blue one. And the green one? Elphaba. After…yes. The Wicked Witch of the West. From Wicked. I really am a musical hag. But she’s green and I feel it’s appropriate.

Those are M&Ms in the corner. My diet is not the most balanced either. But that’s the way it goes when you’re 21 and lazy. 

Other than that I occasionally go swimming. I did karate for 9 years before I moved to London, and I instructed it for 5 of those years. Got a black belt and everything, ninja style. Now I’m so out of shape that so much as a press up leaves me flat on the ground wheezing, but it is my intention to start training again.

Erm…I have a hamburger phone. I know right? Just like Juno’s. That’s not so much something I do but it’s a fun fact for y’all.

I’m at uni some of the time. With my friends some other times. I read a lot. In fact if anyone has book suggestions, let me have it. I’ve been meaning to read more lately. 

Aaaand I watch a lot of TV. Usually American TV to be honest. Love me a bit of Cougar Town. Or Sex and the City. I’ve grown into a much more feminine taste than I had a child.

Erm I cook. I walk. Well no, it’s more of a mosey. 

And that’s about it. I would do more but I haven’t really the money, and the thing is when you have lots of free time…you become really good at doing nothing. I’m job hunting but to no avail so far. If only some one would pay me for being a lounge lizard. I am the lounge-iest lizard you ever did see.

3 thoughts on “Fun facts about a fun person”

  1. Smurf and Elphaba- two most excellent names for your stringed friends.

    I’ve always thought the 100 Meter Mosey should be a sporting event. I’d watch it. I wonder if you’d get disqualified for wearing spurs.

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