Peace, mah homies, peace


This is my monthly post, and actually my first post, for ‘blogging for peace’ ( I’ve yet to work out how to make my text into links so honestly, as a side note, please feel free to tell me how to do it or where I can find out how to?!

But any way. Peace. It’s a huge subject. A bit of a daunting one to start with. I guess I’ll just begin with an opinion.

I don’t really understand why we fight over the things we do. Why we go to war over a strip of land, just so we can call it ours. That kind of thing. I don’t believe in nuclear weapons – and I quite strongly back the whole Nuclear Zero movement. And I wish young men and women weren’t sent out by powerful, corrupt men to die in a war that was not of their own making.

It’s all just about power when it’s boiled down to a bottom line. We don’t like the idea of other countries building a nuclear arsenal, it scares us, particularly if that country has rather a volatile leader. So we go to war to stop them. We don’t like it if another country lays claim to a piece of land we want, particularly if it has rich resources. So we go to war to get it back. Perhaps it’s in human nature to fight. It’s certainly in almost every other animal’s nature.

Look at Chimpanzees, our closest relatives. They’re brutally territorial, and they have been known to commit genocide as it were. To go in and wipe out an entire group to claim their space. So perhaps it’s an instinctive force in us. Perhaps we’re destined to battle until we reach an end point, whatever that may be.

This may be true, but I refuse to lay down and accept it. We have evolved past almost everything we used to do instinctively. Those feelings and those urges are still there, but often we ignore them. Why not ignore those that call us to battle? Or at least pour them into something else.

Why not fight wars with robots if we really need to fight? Or just have some big game of chess between the leaders of the countries involved? This may sound a bit flippant, but sometimes I think diplomacy doesn’t always work. Another failing of us all is that we tend not to accept or listen to anyone’s opinions unless they back our own. And if you add to that the corruption that power brings with it, the kind of power that allows you to determine the future of an entire country? Well that is a potent mix.

I don’t know if we’ll ever live in a world where war no longer seems necessary. I’m not trying to sound fatalistic, just realistic. But I hope we will at least find a way to settle things without the needless death of thousands. Because war does often seem to me just that. Who has more people to throw in the line of fire? Can you outdo us in numbers? When does it just end?

Those brave, brave men and women could do so much with their lives. And it plain sucks that they don’t get the opportunity.

So, that’s why I’m blogging for peace.

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