Jumping on the bandwagon…

Now I’m finally feeling nearly halfway human, I can write a slightly less moany blog post. 

So we all know it snowed yesterday. I think the whole blogging, facebooking, twitter world went mad with excitement. At first, I was annoyed. Transport in London has a tendency of grinding to a halt with a smatter of drizzle some days, but snow? My word. The whole of the city just shuts down. Last time it snowed heavily in the capital, me, my other half and my best friend were trapped in central London for 3 hours. In the end we got a cab home at 3 am, after waiting all that time. We were about to give up and get a hotel as almost all the taxis had already clocked off, or were taking final jobs on their way home – and no one lived as far out as us. 

Now don’t get me wrong. I love snow. I’m like a big kid. I even made a snow angel.




I was only annoyed as I thought my friends wouldn’t be able to make it to the whole 21st party, and having stayed in on my actual birthday, I felt cheated. I felt cross. But then I ran outside and slithered about in the snow and it did ease the pain. 

Even better, transport did impressively well – until about 9 o clock when apparently everything suddenly got too much. But before then it did excellently with only minor delays.

And it was very snowy. Observe:


snow day 003

Further proof. Definite snow. I went for a mooch with my other half, and by the time we got back I couldn’t feel my legs – which was the weirdest sensation. Like I was balancing on two points that I couldn’t actually sense so yeah. I wound up wobbling round quite a lot, much like a Weeble.

Any way everyone showed up bar a couple of people who live further afield, and everyone got pretty merry. We played Ring of Fire – lethal, absolutely lethal. Probably the route of my horrible hangover this morning. There was lots of giggling and chats and basically your usual house party. For once our music was louder than our neighbours, who insist on blasting house music with the bass really loud so sitting on our sofa we can literally feel the floor vibrating.

So we kind of considered the party our own little revenge, for one night only. Petulant, but satisfying.

Today I slept all afternoon once the bloody workmen stopped hammering. I now feel marginally better but still want to sleep. Instead I intend to shower, so I no longer smell like a brewery, and force myself to study.

Pfft, like that’s ever gonna happen. I have the motivation of a squashed nematode (a classification of a certain group of worms. Round worms to be precise. Don’t tell me my zoology degree is going to waste.) and am about as likely to study as a gnat is to join the Royal Ballet and become the next Darcy Bussell.

Hmm. Now that’d be a cool kid’s story.

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