House party, partay time

It’s getting colder and colder here in London town. So much so that for my 21st birthday, the day when most young men and women go absolutely mad with the whole sex, drugs and alcohol (the last being moreso a big deal in the US than here. We’ve been off the wagon for 3 years by this point.) to celebrate, I stayed in, had take out and drank prosecco with my other half. Students can’t generally afford actual champagne, but in all fairness our tender paletes don’t really know the difference any way. 

Either way, I enjoyed it. I’ve been told by many I’m prematurely old for my age. Ever since I was a kid my mother would be informed I had an old head for such young shoulders. This used to confuse me no end, as how could my head be older than my shoulders? Did I look old? It led to lengthy discussions with my mother, who also informed me that I sometimes sounded like her grandmother. It’s now been decided I was born with the soul of a 90 year old and just kept getting older from there. I like to stay in sometimes and watch TV, because partying can be too much effort some days. I’m certainly good at being cantankerous. When I watch adverts containing women with skimpy clothing I can’t keep myself from commenting ‘ooh they must be cold’ prudishly, and this brings me beautifully back to my first point.

It’s cold. This weekend I have a partay planned, because I can do my share of partying at partays if I’m in the partaaay mood. Okay I’m done. But the best thing is, I don’t even need to leave our little flat because everyone’s coming to me! Mwahahahahahaaa. 

Well, that sounded a bit more ominous than intended. Basically house parties are a regular in London. I happen to have graced a couple of seriously wild ones with my presence, and frankly most of the people there had no clue who was even hosting the damn thing. And they’ve been pretty fun to say the least. I’m not saying wandering into a random person’s house is a good idea, ever – I did always happen to know whose party it was. My point is just that not all fun has to be at bars or clubs.

If you move here, it’s always good to get to know a few – that word’s coming up again – PARTAY animals, old as that phrase is, because they will know the best places to go, and if there is nowhere to go then they may just make one and basically turn their house into a new, exclusive club for one night only…

If you’re a student in London, this is especially handy as drinking out can be so pricey unfortunately. It’s a tool we use often to battle bankruptcy by going to bars. But funnily enough it isn’t just for students and you can often find someone from just about any walk of life at a house party. Any ways, that’s just a little ramble – more for those living in London or moving here, if you have yet to dip your toe in the house party scene, it’s worth a shot. I’m not saying they’re all wild, crazy bundles of mayhem, but they’re worth a shot if you’re onto your last penny and you want some fun.


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