All work and no play makes Beccy a bored girl.


That is my work nest. 

Today I have a 1500 word essay and a statistical analysis to do on an investigation so boring you’d fall asleep by the time I’d written the title. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if I lost 60% of you at the words ‘statistical analysis’. Sadly that is one thing that halts me in my exploration of the urban jungle…although it has been snaining (snowing/raining) all day, so frankly I doubt I’d be going anywhere even if I didn’t have a report to do. 

But all the same, I love my degree. Not so much the stats, and definitely not all the stuff about worms (seriously. I swear 50% of my time in uni lectures is spent learning about worms. Who woulda known there’d be so much to say?) but when it’s good, it’s great. I’ve been very lucky with the opportunity coming to study in London has provided me. It’s certainly made it easier to make friends, which is difficult here outside of work or university. They don’t say London is lonely for nothing. 

To be honest I doubt I would have even been able to move here if it wasn’t to study initially, at least not for a long time. I wouldn’t have the chance to go to South Africa on a field trip next year. I wouldn’t have a free pass to London Zoo, valid for as many visits as I like (I’m like a kid when it comes to zoos. Love ’em.)

So even when I feel all the work I have, all the revision and flash cards and the pile of books that weighs roughly the same as I do, I remind myself that without all of this I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be living in the little flat, with my other half. I wouldn’t have made new friends and I certainly wouldn’t be going to South Africa. I wouldn’t have moved to London, not yet. 

Despite today’s boredom, I still have a little spark inside of me, the knowledge that where I live is amazing and just waiting for me…and that makes me feel better. Plus tomorrow I’m going out for half price cocktails. I love cocktails. So that kinda eases the pain too…


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