Birthday fun: A 20 year old accepts that turning 21 means she is ‘in her 20s’

So I turn 21 on Tuesday. Unfortunately both me and my other half are back in college next week studying, so tonight we are out to celebrate together…at The Duck and Waffle! I know I mentioned this ages ago, ever since I read it in londonfox’s blog. Finally we have the chance to visit and sample the view and the food!

I’m ridiculously excited. Since touching down back in London I’ve mainly been sleeping or studying, hence my neglect of this blog unfortunately, and of my wanderings around the Capital. But as I mentioned before, I have plenty on the cards. And I got a camera for Christmas so I can include more photos of everything.

Excuse the short entry. I’ll write lots more tonight, with photos and ramblings, but right now I have to head off out to collect my fixed phone (finally) and get some Belgian beers (that’s right. After visiting Brugge the first thing we did when we got back was find a shop in London that sells speciality beer. Literally like heaven in a bottle!)

I hope you’re all well. As always if you have suggestions for places to visit, let me know…

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