And I’m back…

I’m afraid to say I’ve neglected this blog over the holidays, having barely been in London, and having been so busy – as I’m certain many of you have been. But I’m home again, in my little flat in the big city, and my exploration shall begin again in earnest. I already have several restaurants and exhibitions on the cards, and hopefully I’ll be able to share some of my wanderings with you. 

My final word on my trip to Amsterdam is that it isn’t all about the drugs and the sex and the Red Light District. Its full of culture, food, beautiful buildings and both sad and proud history. I had a wonderful time searching through art exhibitions and museums, eating the food (more of it than I should have, I’m afraid. I’d say I’m going to join a gym but, I mean, we all know that isn’t going to happen.) and exploring the bars.

If you have some time, its also worth getting a train to Brugge. The most amazing Belgian beer, beautiful buildings, museums, perhaps the most romantic city in Europe…second only to Paris. Although careful…their beer is considerably stronger than the beers of England and America. Forgetting this fact me and my other half got very merry, and wound up with a slight hangover the next day! 

I shall be back to writing regularly. I haven’t forgotten you! And I’ll be busying myself catching up on all the wonderful blogs I’ve been following. I hope all of you had a fabulous holiday and are approaching this new year with a fresh gaze and less worry of a coming apocalypse.

Peace out for now people…I’ve missed you!

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