Newcastle v London

I’m back in Newcastle again and I forgot how pretty the 7 bridges are at night when you see them. To be honest I forgot how amazing my home city is full stop…I know this blog is about London, but I figured I’d give my hometown some blogspace…I felt a little inspired and in love with the whole town crossing back into it on the train and I felt a comparison was necessary.

But first off, let’s get something straightened up. It is not actually like Geordie Shore. That bloody show hasn’t done anything for us, unfortunately. I mean people already think geordies are a bit of a joke, it’s hardly helped matters. Yes you do get the occasional (well, perhaps slightly more than occasional) satsuma coloured bimbo, and there are a few beefed up, misogynistic gits about – but not nearly as many as that program seems to suggest. And to be honest I think that happens anywhere. I’ve seen a few in London (although they don’t seem to have quite the same romance with the fake tan that geordie lasses exhibit.)

So, let’s begin…

Newcastle 0 London 0

In general, people are friendly up north. Certainly friendlier than London. When you smile at someone, they will smile back. When you ask for directions, they won’t look at you like you just asked them if you could eat their cat.

Newcastle 1 London 0

There’s amazing views to be had. My favourite is to sit on the top of the hill by the side of the Sage in Gateshead. It looks out across the bridges and beyond that across Newcastle. It’s a great perch. There are however, stunning views available in London as well. They just happen to be more difficult to find…to be expected in such a large city however. I’ll give them both a point.

Newcastle 2 London 1

Countryside is right down the road…Northumberland is beautiful and craggy and wild and it’s right on our doorstep. London has Richmond Park, Hyde Park, Hampstead Heath and plenty of others…but it’s not quite the same as the fells and the bracken and the castles you find scattered throughout the North East.

Newcastle 3 London 1

Nightlife is incredible and considerably cheaper than London. The drinking culture in Newcastle is really pretty amazing. Trebles are considered the norm and there are bars that specialise in the art of a treble vodka and coke for less than a single vodka in London. However in London there’s more variety, there’s more pop up events and unique places to go out, as well as more new people to meet. Plus the Geordie penchant for drinking can have its darker side, as I’m sure you can imagine. This rears its ugly head much less than people think though, so it doesn’t really count for much. So I’m torn again! Point each.

Newcastle 4 London 2

Public transport is so much better in London. Even though the tube usually only runs until around midnight the buses continue much later, with several night buses operating. We don’t have them in Newcastle, if you’re out late you have to get a taxi. As Newcastle is much smaller this isn’t too bad, but it’s still much pricier than if we had the option of a bus!

Newcastle 4 London 3

Culture. Now this one is a battle, Newcastle has stunning architecture, the Sage, the Theatre Royal, several restaurants, Chinatown, museums, art galleries, old Roman settlements…we have the remnants of Hadrian’s Wall running right through the middle of our city for heaven’s sake! But London…London also has the architecture. The Royal Opera House…several zillion theatres on and off the West End, the biggest Chinatown in Europe, more museums, more art galleries, and was also around in Roman times, when it was known as Londinium…this is natural I guess, with it being the capital, so grudgingly it gets the point.

Newcastle 4 London 4

I’ll leave it at that, because otherwise I’ll go on forever and wind up boring you all. I love living in London, as you all hopefully know. I have so many new things planned as soon as I get home again. But sometimes it’s good to remember your roots, where you came from, and the good things about it. When I lived here I sometimes felt claustrophobic as I got older, I think I just wanted something new and fresh, but now I see how lucky I was to be born and grow up in Newcastle. It was also probably just the stereotypical teenage angst though! Now it’s like I’m looking at it with new eyes…It’s a funny, beautiful, amazing, fun city and moving to London is what helped me see that all over again. Another reason I’m glad I went.

Any way, I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and New Year. Thank you so much for reading my blog and I hope to have lots of interesting new posts for you very soon!


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