The End of the World and I

An awful lot of people are blogging about the end of the world. To be honest, the way I see it, the world will end or it won’t, there’s not much we can do if its prophecied and planned. But logically the Maya lived thousands of years ago – excluding a few modern day tribes – and they say what the Western world took from their Long Count calendar is ridiculous. I’d be pretty pissed if I was them!

We’ve been convinced the world will end so many times over. 1999, 2000, 2005…there’ll be plenty I missed. And yet here we are. I wonder where this fascination with the idea of an apocalypse has come from. Whatever happened to just pootling along and getting on with our lives? The world’ll end when it ends. I’m not saying NASA shouldn’t scan the skies for meteors ‘cos let’s face it, if we can blow the bugger up before it gets here we should, my point is that I’m not too sure if these prophecies get anyone anywhere beyond hiding in a dug out with a few thousand cans of tuna and a gas mask for company whilst the rest of humanity goes shopping. If that idea of the planet ‘Nibiru’ colliding with the Earth was right any way, (and it’s not. I think even an amateur astronomer would be able to see a PLANET SIZED MASS heading to Earth if it was due to hit tomorrow. And the moon’s gravity would be out of whack. And about a thousand other reasons.) no matter how deep the hole you can’t hide from something on that scale. So even more reason for me to have munched down the pizza I just had. Moment on the lips forever on the hips? PAH.

Any way, the logic of the whole thing defies me.

But this isn’t meant to be another discussion of the end of the world. I actually meant to buck the trend being the trendy little thing I am ha, but I guess I got side tracked by my own brain. Happens a lot.

So I’m feeling a little better today; although still sound rather sea lion like when I cough, soon I’ll be balancing a ball on my nose and growing whiskers. No one wants that. However it was pouring all the livelong day. And no one wants to go lurk outside in the rain and cold in a muddy park no matter how tasty the mulled wine is. So once again living up to my student nature I’ve been relatively lazy and spent the day watching Star Trek (Voyager. Naturally. Female captain and all that, served a blow for feminism that one did haha…) and eating pizza. But tomorrow, tomorrow is a day filled with Covent Garden, Christmas shopping and all the general terror that entails…

I still plan to head back to Winter Wonderland, and to the Duck and Waffle that the ldnfox wrote about in his blog…( I’ve yet to work out how to stick in a proper link or pingback so I apologise for being a bit crap! But I’m intrigued by the idea of a 24/7 restaurant with that kind of a view! Its merely been postponed, not cancelled. Another reason not to head out this freezing cold day is that if we’re paying to eat 40 floors up, and travelling to the exotic climes of East London, we want the view! I can cope with clouds but mizzly mist doesn’t set up the most awe inspiring of vistas.

Hopefully there’ll be some street performers and general merriment around Covent Garden. As you can tell from my previous posts it’s an area I am often to be found in. Mainly because I’m a musical hag and the place is smack bang in the middle of theatre land. I am extending my grasp though…as of New Year. From Sunday I’ll be off back to sunny Newcastle to freeze my butt off with la famille then after that on a jolly holiday to Amsterdam…

But if any of you have suggestions of whacky and wonderful places to explore and stick my nose into, feel free to let me know. Also as you can probably see on the side I have twitter. I know, I gave in. So please feel free to follow me on @studentlondon3

I’d love to see you over there! But for now, peace out 😀


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