Nightrider 2013

Firstly, apologies for haranguing you all with posts – but when ill there isn’t much else to do, and blogging is ridiculously addictive…

I shall keep this short! Next June I’ll be cycling around London overnight in the Nightrider bike ride. It’s a 100km route that takes in some of the best bits and sights – including St Pauls Cathedral, Alexandra Palace, Canary Wharf, Tower Bridge, Parliament, Hyde Park, Camden Lock, London Zoo…and so on. They do plan to change the route slightly but it takes in so many points and frankly I can’t wait. London at night is my favourite London. Or at dawn or sunset or…oh who am I kidding. I’m too bad at decisions and I love it at all times of day.

Any how I’ll be doing it for WWF…a charity close to my heart studying zoology and having worked in conservation…so fingers crossed it’ll all go well and I’ll work out how to use justgiving properly! Anyone else in London, check it out at:

If it sounds like something you’d enjoy 🙂 They also give you breakfast at the end of the ride, and it takes 6-8 hours to finish…

But in between the usual stuff I’ll put updates of training and stuff…although I’ve yet to get a bike on which to train, so that could be interesting.

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Nightrider 2013”

  1. When I first saw WWF I thought it was Wrestling!!! I went form cycling to wrestling! LOL I am SO jealous of your bike ride round england. OH how AMAZING for you! I have always wanted to do something like that. I should REALLY think about it!

    1. Haha oh yes, no they changed it so the WWF is the World Wildlife Fund now…but I used to get confused all the time! I can’t remember what they changed the wrestling one to. My friend suggested it. Maybe there’s good one in America you could do some day… 🙂 I’ve always been a bit jealous of some of the scenery you guys have over there!

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