Restaurant Run Down 1

So tomorrow I’ll be heading to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park for a day of mulled wine and rides. I don’t care if this bloody cold hasn’t shifted, I’m going. But for today I thought I’d talk about a couple of restaurants I’ve already visited in London…just so you guys don’t get too bored with my musings and whinings and general trains of thought.

Cafe Rouge
So Cafe Rouge is one…really obvious and not exactly an independent little secret in London, but I always enjoy it…mainly as it’s one of the few places I can get Fruhli beer. Cue happy face:

London llama fun times 003

I know. You can sense the joy there. I also love the mini melted camemberts, I could live off them quite happily. Probably my French heritage. Or perhaps my great grandfather was a mouse, it would explain my love of all things cheese. Another terrible joke, I know, but with a brain befuddled with cold it’s the best I can do with – as I’m sure you’ll agree – my usual razor sharp wit. Ha.

Shaka Zulu
Another, perhaps more interesting one, is Shaka Zulu in Camden. It’s near the Stable Market,and has a giant statue of a zulu outside – so it’s kind of hard to miss! The inside is pretty amazing, wood carvings and panels and statues – it’s so intricate. Google ‘Shaka Zulu’ online just to get an idea! The food was delicious too. They have a really wide range of African cuisine, including Wildebeest and Zebra (though we didn’t sample these more exotic dishes!) as well as your regular beef and vegetarian dishes. Its a huge restaurant but its always worth reserving a seat first…

Admittedly it is NOT cheap, we could only afford to go with a Wowcher voucher – but if you save up a bit of dosh for a nice meal and fancy trying something different, it is worth going. There’s a lot of bars nearby too if the group fancy some after dinner drinks.

Just to add, when we went they were a tad cheeky with the service charge, adding on 12.5% to the bill – but that could just be me being accustomed to leaving a tip as we go. I don’t mean to be stingy, but it was a large amount (they did 12.5% of the original price rather than how much we paid for the voucher) and it seemed a bit unfair to be charged so much. We left a tip, but not as large as they asked for and our waiter then started going from person to person discussing it, so we left rather quickly after that. It became awkward unfortunately. Please don’t let this put you off going, it was a wonderful night, but I felt I’d add a service charge disclaimer as such ha…

Square Meal

Mystery restaurant!
Unfortunately, I don’t know the name! And I am gutted! It was a random little Italian restaurant in Soho me and the other half popped into. The food was utterly fantastic, service was excellent and it was a really intimate, romantic little place. I have yet to find it again but it is my mission to do so. The minute I do, I’ll share the name with you because it’s a place that I would love to return to…and could share with you guys!

London llama fun times 050

London llama fun times 052

London llama fun times 054

The desserts pictured are creme brulee and tiramisu. I can safely say both were delicious. I have a raging sweet tooth and I am rather a dessert conoisseur…so when I do find out the name of this lovely little place, mark it down as an excellent one for tasty sweet goodness!


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