I got a bitch of a rhinovirus…

So I am not feeling my brightest today, no London based adventures beyond my bed I think. I walked to Sainsbury’s and by the time I got back you’d think I’d climbed Mount Kilamanjaro for the huffing and puffing and snotting about the place I was doing.

I wish the cold would just go away. People underestimate how ill it makes people. They really do. Or at least, how ill it makes me. Maybe I get the female equivalent of man flu but I hate it. I hate the shivers and the fevers and the aches and the runny nose, it drives me to distraction. But I am woman, hear me roar so usually when I have stuff to do I pop some Beechams tablets, wrap up in a scarf and several thousand thermal layers, and go about my business.

Thankfully and sadly it’s the Christmas holidays, so I have time to be ill. I have time to create my masterpiece – Tissue Mountain. Its actually quite apt that I have a bright red nose. And at least the heating would be on whether or not I was sick.

What really gets my goat though, is the fact the common cold is called scientifically (of course excluding the viruses that don’t fall under this genus that also cause the cold) – ‘Rhinovirus’. WHAT A COOL NAME. It gives me images of miniature rhinos rampaging through my nostrils and in my lungs and sinuses. Why does something so shit and horrible and Christmas ruining when at its worst get such a cool name? How is that fair? There must be plenty of Ermintrudes and Marmadukes – well actually Marmaduke is pretty cool – Ethelberts then, out there jealous of the rhinovirus. I don’t know. I could just be delirious.

I wonder how many of you have cold? If so, get well soon!

This is apparently a rhinovirus. Not nearly as cool as it sounds.
This is apparently a rhinovirus. Not nearly as cool as it sounds.

3 thoughts on “I got a bitch of a rhinovirus…”

    1. I have a hot water bottle, a bottle of cough medicine, and lots of paracetamol. I would also be demanding food and tea off the long suffering other half but her friend is over so I’m allowing them to play on my PS2 without continuous harrassment and making the tea myself.
      I know. I am just a big ball of fuzzy kindness 😀 haha

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