Suda, The Woman in Black and Cellar Door…phew

Firstly, we went to Suda, a gorgeous Thai restaurant right by Covent Garden (I know, I’ve been lurking around there a lot lately…)…and I can’t compliment this place enough. The staff were very attentive – my other half made a reservation and asked for a table by the window, they remembered and placed us with a nice view over the Christmas lights in the courtyard. They would check up on us as the night went on, and were very friendly and polite.

Now the food. Oh the food. It was amazing. Beautifully presented, delicious, and just the right amount. We shared duck wraps in sweet chilli sauce, and I ventured on to having tenderloin beef with pak choi and mushrooms, and jasmine rice, whilst my better half had grilled salmon with chilli rice and vegetable rolls.

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The drinks were fantastic too, I had a Siam Colada – which was actually more refreshing than any pina colada I’ve ever had, and she drank a Thai Kick – basically a Caipirinha with a twist of ginger and chilli. Delicious but be warned it’s very hot!
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Excuse all the photos but it really was a beautiful place. Not too expensive for how good the food was either, although the cocktails were quite pricey frankly they are anywhere you go in London…I would definitely, definitely recommend this place for a delicious meal and good atmosphere…its the best Thai restaurant I’ve ever been to in London – and I have been to a few.

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Next it was on to the Woman in Black…one of my favourite plays. It’s truly terrifying, I saw several people spill drinks over themselves in fright throughout the show (not me. Ahem…) but there are – despite this – one or two slightly comical bits as well between the 2 characters. You can get affordable tickets, and even though they’re at the back its in quite a small theatre so frankly they’re actually good seats…in larger theatres when you’re seated at the tops sometimes the actors may as well be ants for all you can see – but in the Fortune Theatre the view is still excellent. So that is well worth going to. Frankly its scarier than the book, or in my opinion the film, but you can make your own mind up! I do love the theatre so I may be biased.

Finally we headed to Cellar Door, the burlesque club I’ve been promising! We did try on Friday night but due to our youthful faces were kicked out as unfortunately we forgot our IDs…(I’m nearly 21 and keep getting lulled into a false sense of security of not being IDed, then BAM when I least expect it, most want to get in and don’t have my license they throw it out there…sod’s law really.) But try, try and try again so this time with ID and a big smile on our faces we returned, much to the doorman’s suspicion as he recognised us both. Once inside it was very crowded, being a converted Victorian toilet – supposedly the hang out of Oscar Wilde, they claim. So pretty glamorous for a converted loo! Every night they have free acts from 9pm onwards, including a drag DJ, burlesque, a magician, cabaret…its varied to say the least. They have a huge menu of cocktails and drinks – I tried the Starbucks Must Die, a house cocktail containing their own vanilla vodka, espresso, kahlua and cognac – all shaken together and served in a tea cup with espresso beans on top…Really tasty, honestly it was pretty pricey as well but its nice to find somewhere hidden almost…I’ve walked past it so many times assuming it was a loo or entrance to a subway…so that was a good surprise! And its probably the cheapest burlesque or cabaret one would ever get to see in London…also they sell snuff. Just throwing that out there, not many places do any more!

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5 thoughts on “Suda, The Woman in Black and Cellar Door…phew”

    1. Oh really? Well if you ever visit London you know where’s good for it! There’s loads of Thai restaurants here, but Suda’s the best I ever visited. Good luck on your hunt for a decent Dim Sum haha!

      1. I LOVE Thai Green Curry. I had to learn how to make it because I can’t find a good place! I LOVE LOVE LOVE to cook but I HATE HATE HATE a hot kitchen!! But it’s a good idea!

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