Meat Market

I’m writing a couple of entries today, as this has been a busy weekend! So please excuse my sudden influx of posts.

Firstly on Friday a friend took me and my other half to this place hidden behind the Jubilee Market in Covent Garden…I’d never have even known it was there to be honest. Apparently its the little sister to a place on Oxford Street called Meat Liquor…anyone been there? This one was called Meat Market and the entrance was on Tavistock Street, tucked away from the businesses and rushing crowds of Covent Garden Piazza.

Any how the place was quite small, but not too crowded. Huge menu of burgers and fries hot dogs and all that. I had a Philly Cheesesteak – Steak with cheese (funnily enough…) and peppers and onions. It was really tasty, good quality meat and that. The beers were even in the little American cans, making you actually feel like you were sitting in a diner, somewhere on route 66.

Wasn’t overly cheap to be honest but with a fat sandwich or burger and a beer for around £11.60 its not too overpriced either – especially when its decent quality.

And of course there’s the milkshakes…they do a bourbon and maple syrup milkshake which is completely delicious. You can’t taste the alcohol in it really, and its creamy and sweet and…hmm. Excuse me, sinking into a food coma.

I sadly didn’t get round to trying the Miami Nice, which I was told is a mix of Pina Colada and Margharita…gotta say I’m intrigued and will be returning to try some more. I’ve been told its delicious though…and there’s a sign limiting it to 2 per customer so I guess I’d better say treat with caution! Imagine how oddly people would look at you when you rolled out of bed with a slamming hangover the next day and came out with ‘Oh man…got plastered on Miami Nices last night…’

If anyone happens to be a student like me, you’ll know that no one – no one who heard that would ever let you live it down.

Any way, customer service with good – friendly when we were served, and all in all I recommend going here…maybe pop in after a hard day finding bargains and such around Covent Garden…
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Square Meal


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