London Zoo – Obvious but…

Just to quickly say, I know I’ve been awfully quiet this last week, and firstly I’m sorry! I had a monster piece of coursework due in, along with a lectures and sorting out Christmas stuff, it’s been pretty hectic and I haven’t had too much to report…especially as the Burlesque club I promised last week had to be rearranged to tonight. I am so excited though, we’ll be checking out an American diner too so watch this space!

But for now, I thought the zoo was a good place to chat on about, especially studying zoology, it’s just my cup of tea…very English I know. This blog is meant to be about enjoying London on a budget, and I know the zoo is not the most budget of entertainments – but there are ways around that…

If you’re studying zoology or a biological science, or if you have an active interest in the field you can become a fellow of ZSL – allowing you unlimited free access to both London and Whipsnade zoo with a guest, the ZSL library and invites to symposiums and such held by the society – as well as 10% off in the gift shop and cafes. Its just under 30 quid a year, and considering its £20 for an adult ticket into the zoo, I think that’s quite a saving…especially as, if you’re a student, the library can be a life saver too (although watch out for the lift. I swear its at least 100 years old and the size of a particularly small wardrobe.)

There is also membership for those who will be visiting again and again, although its a little pricey.

Inside the zoo, there are some fantastic exhibits. There’s the butterfly house – probably one of my favourites. An awesome opportunity for the photography enthusiasts…

zoo 019

zoo 021

zoo 028

There’s the regular animals, pigs and such, but then there’s the rarer stuff like Galapagos Tortoises and Gorillas…Otters, Tigers, Bugs, a Meet the Monkeys bit where you can walk through free climbing swinging little monkey cuteness…There’s of course the penguins, which are always entertaining. Happy Feet, anyone?

zoo 018

And how could I forget the llamas?

Its a huge place to wander round, it easily takes up a full day. I have to admit food inside is pricey so it might be worth taking a picnic, as long as you don’t give it to the animals. (Seriously, I’ve seen people do it.) Feel free to ask the staff questions, they’re pretty knowledgeable and there’s great customer service – has been when I’ve been there any how.

I know I’m biased. I love all things furry or scaly or even with 8 legs, but I’ve spent plenty a day whiling away the time there…so I felt I’d share one of my favourite places in London with you guys.


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