Hibernation, hibernation, hibernation

So I haven’t been on an adventure this weekend. I haven’t done anything educational or eye opening. Honestly with the kind of freezing weather we’re having now its winter, I haven’t really felt the need to expand my mind. Its too cold. My mind wants to curl up in fetal position like the rest of me and hibernate.

Speaking of which, I have a theory that humans were always meant to hibernate. Stockpile on DVDs, fattening foods – we all need the extra insulation in winter, that’s what I say – and cups of tea. The English way. And then don’t leave the house from November through January. The economy would plunge, but its already plunging. Public transport would grind to a halt – but frankly it grinds to a halt with every speck of drizzle that we see, and on a bloody British rail network we see a lot of drizzle, so I don’t think that it’d really make that much difference to the current situation at the end of the day.

There wouldn’t be this influx of broken hips and ankles from people slipping on ice. We would have finally learnt a lesson, just don’t leave the house in frosty weather. Clothes wouldn’t constantly have that slight damp feel to them from when you went out in the pissing rain or the hail or the snow the night before. And you could live in slippers. We all love a good pair of slippers, lets face it. They aren’t just for grannies, not any more. 

Last night, instead of painting the town red, I drank lots of champagne and beer, ate lots of Mexican food, and hung out with a group of friends in a warm flat. And it made me think that sometimes, its not about having some crazy, new experience. You don’t have to have some kind of mad adventure every single day. Even if you did, the fun would wear off…they would all blur into one and they wouldn’t mean the same thing any more. Sometimes its about having a laugh and a giggle with people you love, stuffing your face with guacamole and getting a bit pissed.

But most importantly, in the winter months, keeping warm.

Any ways I have a few new things planned for this coming week…so hopefully my next post won’t be another set of musings on cold weather and sleep. Although I do love to sleep. All students do. We’d all sleep 24/7 if we could. In fact I might go have a nap now…

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