Richmond Park

I’ve had some wonderful times in Richmond Park. From walks through the woods to the lakes as a fairly effective hangover cure, to long luxurious picnics under the trees, overlooking the water – walking up to King Henry’s Mount to see the view for 10 miles, all the way to St Paul’s cathedral. Its the largest of all of London’s parks, and in my opinion one of the wildest.

Deer roam free, and are quite tame – making for fantastic photo opportunities, and amazing to watch for the wildlife nerds. You can rent bikes, there’s cafes and toilets, woods, ponds and gardens to explore. It really is stunning and easy to pass a whole day in. 



Its free, its breezy, but make sure to wear actual shoes. I made the mistake of wearing flip flops and came out with feet that closely – and rather painfully – resembled porcupines from all the pointy things on the woodland floor. My bad. 

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