The Top Secret Comedy Club

I’ve ventured into this basement comedy club a few times, and despite fearing slightly for my life when we were first directed down some dingy stairs into a cellar beneath a cafe in Covent Garden, was very pleasantly surprised. Gotta say, its the best comedy club I’ve been to – and by far the cheapest with student tickets at less than a fiver, or completely free some nights!
The first time was completely by accident, when one of those leaflet people thrust a flyer into my hands – much to my annoyance, and later much to my benefit as having the slip got us a discount when buying tickets on the door. So there’s a tip, if you get given a Top Secret Comedy Club flyer, keep it for later and they’ll usually knock a quid or two off the ticket, or off the price of a drink.
Drinks are unusually cheap for London, and people usually get pretty plastered. I’ve seen people literally stick a straw into a litre jug of beer or suchlike. But that’s the British way, and frankly it only adds to the entertainment with a great back and forth between the comedians and audience (bear in mind, if you sit near the front you will be mercilessly picked on by the comedians. You have been warned.) The staff are up for a giggle, and a lot of the acts are circuit regulars or may be familiar off the old TV box. I got my ticket signed by them last time, which for a geek like me was the absolute height of excitement.
Its also very easy to get there and away from there and such with it being in such an accessible location. Although the first time we went, 6 inches of snow plunged London into a standstill. We were trapped in central for 3 hours waiting for a cab. As a geordie I was a bit disappointed in the lack of British will power or the ‘keep calm and carry on’ sentiment. It was more like ‘SHIT, SNOW, I’M GONNA MELLLLLT’. I was going for irony there, but I’m not sure how well it worked.
Any way I feel that was a standalone time. Be all and end all is its definitely worth a punt. Funny, lots of drinks flowing, and very, very cheap. Go give it a shot, take a shot, and have a giggle. You won’t regret it! (1)


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