Lost in London

I’m not from London, as you probably guessed. I’m a bit of an imposter. A northerner, a geordie trying to fit into what sometimes feels like an alien planet. And for the last year I’ve felt a bit lost at times. I navigate the tube with ease, I don’t ever make eye contact with strangers and I’ve learned to court death if I ever want to get across a London road. But I still feel like I’m a small child, still grasping at unspoken rules that born and bred Londoners just know by rote.
People tell me London is the most vibrant, friendly (believe it or not), eclectic, mad city in the world – and so far I feel I haven’t taken nearly as much advantage of this as I should. So that’s where this blog comes in. I’m going to go out, visit all the places not necessarily on a tourist map (and maybe a couple of those that are!). I’ll make trips to the early morning markets, tucked away museums, local restaurants. The hidden gems London has to offer. And I’ll write about them. 
London is an amazing place. I’ve barely scratched theImage surface of it. From the council estates of Vauxhall to the mansions in Hampstead, from the terraced East end houses to the cottages in Barnes, I’ve never known anywhere fit so many odds and ends together in such a fantastic way. Its like the biggest patchwork quilt you could ever wish to find. A buffet, an all you can eat meal…well, that’s enough of the metaphors and similes. I may be getting a tad carried away. But regardless, it is a stunning, crazy, scary, beautiful place – pulsing with the sheer bulk of life and humanity it contains. And in all honesty, I can’t wait to get stuck in.
If there are any suggestions for places to visit, leave me a comment. Otherwise, I look forward to exploring the big smoke a little more, and sharing it all with you. 


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